Abla Mehio Sibai

Professor and Chair of Epidemiology and Population Health Department at
the Faculty of Health Sciences (FHS), American University of Beirut (AUB)

Abla Mehio Sibai, who graduated from Khaled Bin Al-Walid College, is a Professor
and Chair of Epidemiology and Population Health Department at the Faculty of
Health Sciences (FHS) at the American University of Beirut (AUB).
She is the co-founder of the University for Seniors Program at AUB ( الكبار جامعة )and
the founding Director of the “Center for Studies on Aging” in Lebanon.
During the past 20 years, Sibai has led the way to placing older adult issues at the
forefront on the national agenda and in the region.
She is a frequent consultant to the Ministry of Social Affairs in Lebanon, WHO,
UNFPA and ESCWA, and has frequently been commissioned to prepare technical
papers, reports and briefs on population ageing and health and well-being of older
adults in Lebanon and the Arab countries from a social and policy perspective.
Sibai is the author of over 200 scholarly articles in prestigious journals, book
chapters and reports.
She was a member of the World Economic Forum’s Global Agenda Council on
Ageing for 2 cycle, and is currently a Board member of HelpAge International (UK)
and of Dar Ajaza Al Islamieh in Beirut and a member of Statistics Committee in
Ajialouna and of the Ministry of Social affairs National Commission of Ageing in
She holds a Pharmacy degree (1977) and an MSc in Epidemiology and Biostatics
(1986) from AUB, and PhD (1997) from the London School of Hygiene of Tropical
Impact of Makassed:
I feel very fortunate to be a graduate Khaled Bin Al-Walid College, where I have
lived a total of fifteen years, the most precious and foundational years of my life.
While it is obvious to attribute our solid education to the old but rigorous
methods of teaching and to the many educators, in and out of the classrooms, who
inspired and guided us along the way, it is very difficult for me to attribute my life
trajectory to one element or one teacher.
It is these myriad collective and invaluable experiences and lessons, amassed over
the years, that have shaped my personality and made me what I am today.
One thing for sure, the school has instilled in me the values and ethics I have, and
has equipped me with a critical mathematical mind and a character that strives to
seek knowledge and excellence.
On the other hand, life has given me this wonderful opportunity for being able to
give back to the community and make a little change around, and for this, I am
also very grateful.
I still have very fond memories of my years at Makassed, it is there where I have
formed my most cherished friends until today, friends who are simply
irreplaceable and who continue to provide me with everlasting warmth and a
passion for life. I am gripped with emotions and proud feelings, a kind of exclusive
bond, when I meet another Makassedi graduate.
Yet, the ‘how and why’ questions here for these feelings of pride and attachment
are very difficult for me to answer!
For these experiences, stimulations and opportunities and for these deep-rooted
friendships, I thank you Khaled Bin Al-Walid.